Bosch Model Ps50 2b

The Bosch Multi-X Carpenter tool is a versatile hand held power tool that runs on rechargeable batteries. It is a convenient tool that creates good cuts without producing a high volume of remnant dust particles. The design of the Bosch Multi X makes it more efficient and easier to manipulate than other similar tools. Its key selling points are its affordability, mobility and ease of use.


The tool lives up to the expectations set by the manufacture in many regards. It comes equipped with rechargeable batteries that allows it to be used anywhere, even in remote outdoor locations. Additionally its light weight design makes it easier to grip while performing more difficult cuts. The results that can be garnered from the tool are comparable to more expensive brands that sell for almost twice as much. The manufacturers have created it in such a way that accessories from other tools can easily fit this model. This means replacement parts are not difficult to come by and can be found at any hardware location.


Though the functionality of the tool is unquestionably sound, the battery life may be the biggest drawback to actually using or purchasing this tool. The battery will last no longer than 10 minutes and takes an additional 30 minutes to recharge. This can be extremely irritating to anyone who needs to do jobs that require more time. To overcome this difficulty, a consumer of this product will need to purchase at least 4 rechargeable batteries as back ups to compensate for the lengthy charge times. Additionally the tool vibrates a lot while in use.


The tool does what is expected of it quite impressively. Yet, the short battery life and slow charging time may not make this an ideal tool for use in more time consuming, larger jobs.