Construction Tools

Construction makes use of a lot of tools; from small handheld tools to large powered ones. Each tool has its own function and they help to make the construction work easier, speedier and more accurate. Here are some useful tools that are must haves in the construction field:

  1. Tape Measure and Rulers – essential for carrying out accurate measurements to work with. Every construction work begins with measurement and accuracy. It is of utmost importance. These tools come in very handy in this department.
  2. Hammer – the most popular hammer used in construction is the claw hammer. This is for driving nails and pulling them out whenever the need arises.
  3. Power Drill – using a drill helps to get the work done faster. It can be used to make holes before driving nails, screw in screws faster than a screwdriver or for simply making holes wherever necessary.
  4. Level – in construction, straight walls are necessary for the overall appearance of the finished product. A level is used to test the straightness of walls in the early stages. This is a very important tool as it highlights any flaws so it can be corrected early.
  5. Saw –several types of saws that are used in construction; there are handsaws, table saws and power saws. However, many carpenters argue that the circular saw is the best one to use as it is faster than the handsaw and is much easier to carry around than the table saw. The blades can also be changed for a specific item to cut. The saws are used for cutting materials such as dry wall or lumber. Band saws and scroll saws are necessary when cuts of special design have to be made.
  6. Carpenter Pencil – this may seem simple and at times is overlooked but it is important for marking measurements.
  7. Tool Belt/Apron –used for keeping needed tools close at hand. It is important as it saves valuable time by preventing the carpenter from going back and forth to look for tools.
  8. These tools are just a few of the many tools used to complete a specific construction job. Other building tools include: shovels, trowels, wheelbarrows, nail guns, sanders, paintbrushes, power staplers, caulking guns, and ladders.


Some of the leaders in the manufacture of building tools are:

  1. STIHL – known worldwide for delivering superior power. They have been in the industry since 1974 supply quality building tools all over the world. The name STIHL comes from Andreas Stihl who invented the chainsaw.
  2. BOTSCH Tools – This Company manufactures top-of-the-line power tools as well as accessories for the building construction sector. They are one of the largest manufacturers for power tools in the world.
  3. CRAFTSMAN – dubbed America’s most trusted tool brand, Craftsman is known for its wide variety of tools ranging from tiny handheld essentials to large, powered equipment. This brand is trusted in the construction sector as its products can be found on almost every construction site. For any and every tool you need, Craftsman has it all!