Dewalt Dw705 Miter Saw

The DEWALT DW705 Miter saw is a large portable saw weighing approximately forty plus pounds (40+lbs). This can be considered lightweight for a saw of its kind and built. The DEWALT DW7705 Miter saw is 27.50 inches in length, twenty (20) inches in width and eighteen (18) inches in height.


The weight and balance of the DEWALT DW705 Miter is incredible for its kind and is one of the most impressive of its features. Other impressive features include the fact that the blade lowers easily when cutting and Miter cuts are precise. The Miter gauge swivels smoothly and the bevels are also very easy to set. The DEWALT DW705 Miter saw is definitely built to last as the detent plate is made up from sturdy stainless steel and so slops are unlikely to occur even after years of constant use. Detents and meter stops also lock in angles with a fair amount of ease while allowing for a half degree (0.5°) off the detent without the gauge shifting back into the stops. The DEWALT DW705 Miter saw miters up to forty-eight degrees (48°) on both sides and bevels to forty-five degrees (45°) on the left. The twelve inch (12”) blade and the absence of a safety switch are a plus for most users.


The design of the DEWALT DW705 Miter saw’s handle favors right-handed users. Though a pro for many experienced users, the absence of a safety switch may be cause for concern if the saw is being used in a home in which there are small children present. In addition, the cost of the DEWALT DW705 Heavy Duty Miter saw may be considered pricey for the average user.

The DEWALT DW705 Heavy Duty Miter saw is a well built, handy and durable tool that can be used in simple home remodelling tasks as well as for larger projects. Its durability and flexibility helps the product to be a good investment for any user, working on large or home projects and this makes the seemingly high price tag worth every dollar.