Dremel Tools

Dremel tools is one of the leading tool brands in the world and very popular for its rotary tools developed by its founder Albert J. Dremel who started the company in 1932. Today, it owned by the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation and goes by the name Dremel Moto-Tool.

Tools from Dremel Moto-Tools are extremely popular with model makers, home owners, metal workers and mold makers. Their rotary tools use a bit that rotates at extreme speeds held by a collet. While other tools use torque to facilitate jobs, Dremel Moto rotary tools use speed which can range from 3k to 35k RPM.

A Dremel Moto rotary tool is extremely versatile and simply inserting an appropriate bit into the tool can easily change the tool’s function. For instance, there are bits that can be inserted to perform drilling, grinding, sharpening, cutting, cleaning, carving, engraving, sanding, routing and polishing.

Dremel Moto-Tools come in both corded models and battery powered cordless models. Besides their rotary tools, Dremel Moto-Tools makes planers, saber saws and even reciprocating saws. Items from Dremel Moto Tools can be purchased throughout the world and online. Large retailers such as Home Depot, Sears and Lowes also offer a wide range of Dremel products and accessories.