Hand Tools

A hand tool is an implement for working on a material or physical system with the use of one’s hands. Hand tools may be manually used, with mechanical force. Some hand tools are driven by current from mains supplies or batteries.

There is a large spectrum of hand tools catering to distinct uses. Some tools, such as the hammer, have many applications. Other tools, such as the calipers, are used only for specific purposes. There are portable hand tools, while some, like pencil sharpeners, can be mounted or fixed.

Hand tools can be classified into the following categories based on usage:

Cutting and Smoothing Tools

* Saws
* Chisels
* Planes
* Files
* Rasps
* Brush-cutting Tools
* Miscellaneous Cutting Tools

Digging Tools

* Mattocks
* Picks
* Posthole Diggers
* Shovels

Drilling, Boring, and Countersinking Tools

* Handheld Drills
* Bench-top Drills
* Floor-Standing Drills
* Countersinks

Driving and Chopping Tools

* Hammers
* Mauls
* Screwdrivers
* Sledges
* Hatchets

Gripping, Prying, and Twisting Tools

* Bars
* Grips
* Pliers
* Wrenches

Holding, Raising, and Grinding Tools,

* Clamps
* Grinders
* Jacks
* Oilstones
* Vises

Measuring, Leveling, and Layout Tools

* Levels
* Marking Tools
* Plumb Bobs
* Rules
* Squares
* Tapes

Portable Power Tools

Timber Handling and Climbing Tools

Trailer-Mounted Tools

* Electric Tool Trailers
* Electric Generators

Miscellaneous Tools

Almost all types of tools can be hand tools, and many of these have evolved into power tools. Power tools are driven by engines or motors rather than manually.