Hitachi Tools

While you might be familiar with Hitachi for consumer electronics or other types of electronic components, Hitachi also makes a wide line of power tools including cordless tools, air tools, corded saws, woodworking equipment, concrete equipment and tools for metal working, among a variety of other lines.

Hitachi tool products can be purchased through authorized distributors. Hitachi Tools also offers reconditioned tools that meet strict standards and come covered under warranty. These reconditioned tools are available through Reconditioned Sales, Inc. which is authorized through Hitachi Tools.

Hitachi Tools are well liked by many professional contractors and are quite attractive with their green and black color scheme. Besides manufacturing tools, Hitachi is an innovator in the industry and you can find plenty of cutting edge products available for many uses. One innovative technology currently a big seller is Lithium ion batteries, which give the user three times the battery life of NIMH or NICD, while being 50% lighter. Hitachi Tools are perfect for pro and industrial applications and with a dedicated sales and support staff, they make it incredibly easy to ensure you receive a great tool to fit almost any job.