Husky Chain Saws

The Husqvarna Group is the world leading producer of outdoor power tools; it is a Swedish company. Its products are well-known and loved, and are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide under various brand names including Husqvarna, Gardena, McCulloch, Jonsered, Flymo, Partner, Poulan, Poulan Pro and WeedEater. The Craftsman brand is also a product of the Husqvarna Group but it is sold under the Sears brand as Sears is one of Husqvarna’s biggest customers.

Outdoor products that the Husqvarna Group are leading in include chainsaws, handheld petrol-powered products such as trimmers and clearing saws, lawn mowers, garden tractors, cutting equipment and diamond tools, and irrigation products in Europe. You may not have known it, but the very popular “Husky tools” are the same as Husqvarna tools as Husky is simply a shortened form of Husqvarna; Husky products are known and used around the globe and a Husky chainsaw is one of the top picks of American loggers.

Husky chainsaws are used for both professional and home purposes because of its great power-to-weight ratio which ensures that its user gets maximum results without breaking his/her back; Husky chainsaws are low vibration, meaning that you won’t have any tingling or cramping feelings in your arms from the constant vibration of the saw. They also feature air injection and a smart start feature that makes them very easy to start; Husky saws also have a wide variety of safety features.

Husqvarna has a wide variety of products including over four dozen chainsaws for various uses, so you can understand that it can be difficult to choose the chainsaw that is just right for you; it becomes even more difficult to choose if you are trying to find the best Husky to fit your budget. Some of the chainsaws are intended for homeowners, while others can be used by professionals and homeowners alike for either ground care or tree care.

If you want a saw that will take care of your everyday needs, whether professionally or at home, without costing too much, the recommended model is the Husqvarna T435 which costs $300, is suited to professional, extreme use and has features such as a rope attachment point that can be used to hoist the saw into a tree, chain tensioning adjustments from the side so that the saw can be quickly and easily tensioned, an air purge system to remove air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting, and it uses the X-Torq system which reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

If you are more concerned with power than with price, then the saw you might want to try is the Husqvarna 359 model; this chainsaw is recommended for heavy duty use and has features such as an adjustable oil pump, a magnesium crankcase which enables the saw to wishstand high rpms, and a three-piece crankshaft for maximum durability despite rough usage.