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Kobalt sells itself as the next generation of tough tools and by the looks of their many satisfied customers, they are on the right path. Kobalt Tools is sold exclusively through Lowe’s big box home improvement retail locations. They are targeted to do-it-yourself homeowners, hobbyists and professional contractors looking for value.

Kobalt Tools have several lines of tools including general-purpose hand tools, power tools (both in corded and cordless models), tool chests and rolling tool cabinets, air powered tools and tools for maintenance purposes.

Kobalt Tools are value priced, but definitely offer high quality and performance. They are easy to spot and are aggressively styled. In fact, Kobalt Tools is popular for sponsoring NASCAR races, specifically the Kobalt Tools 500.

If you are quality conscious and like aggressive styled tools, then definitely Kobalt Tools is a brand you should look into.


  1. Alfred McRae says:

    Inventor needs assistance in marketing and manufacturing of new tool- please e-mail me ASAP.

  2. Lyle Howard says:

    just watched a race car dropped on a kobalt tool box. this must have been a trick. I own one and its junk. drawer handles have fallen off, drawer bearings fall out, rivets snaped in drawers, and lock broke. I have had this box for about one year. this is my second kobalt tool box and a waste of my hard earned money. Talked to Lowes employee with no help. Acted like it was of no concern to Lowes. So now I shop at Home depot. Thankyou L Howard

  3. i recieved a three piece [vise grip] type pliers for birthday gift. i was really dismayed to learn that they were made in China. the rubber grips cover up the made in china stamp. you would think that with all this advertising on nascar races that the tools that they use could be made in america. its an american sport afterall. i’ll never purchase a kolbalt tool. btw Vise Grip tm are the absolute best. and they are home grown.

  4. cordo says:

    Lowes seems to have switched to Chinese made Kobalts.

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