Porter Cable 7424xp

The Porter Cable 7424XP is a buffer that provides dual action polishing for car surfaces. The tool excels at giving consistently good results without leaving any visible streaks or swirls after buffing. It may be used on the body of a car as well as on headlights and other peripheral parts that may become dull over time. It is considered a heavy duty buffer by the manufacturers although it may not necessarily penetrate as deeply as some other industrial buffers that are available on the market.


The Buffer is easy to use. There are a very few adjustments to make and it is not a complex device that requires expert training to handle. Because of this, the average car owner may purchase and use this device even if he or she has never buffed an automobile before. Users may change the settings to accommodate lighter or heavier jobs depending on the condition of the vehicle. Additionally, the design is made with the user in mind. Its handle allows for a tight yet comfortable grip, reducing the risk that the buffer will come lose over the duration of polishing the surface of the automobile. The finish it produces is remarkably smooth and completely devoid of streaks and uneven detailing.


It does get very noisy and vibrates a bit while in use. This may be tolerable to someone who uses power tools regularly. The noise is something that hardly distracts from the overall performance, however, it may be a concern for people who live within close proximity of their neighbors. Because it vibrates vigorously, it may begin to numb the hands and fingers after prolonged use. Additionally, although it is said to be a dual action buffer it does not actually perform a circular movement while buffing. Another drawback is that it doesn’t come equipped with the adapter plate or a hook and loop backing.


It’s a great tool to use, which produces results comparable to professional detailing. It performs reliably and capably, creating streak -free high quality finishes.