Power Tools

A power tool is an implement driven by a compressed-air motor, electric motor, or gasoline engine. There are two classifications of power tools: stationary and portable, or handheld. Power tools are employed for construction, industry, and domestic use. Power tools are used for cutting, drilling, grinding, painting, polishing, sanding, and shaping. Stationary power tools used in metalwork are typically named machine tools.

Prototypes of modern-day power tools appeared in the Industrial Revolution. Large belts attached to overhead shafts powered these devices. The main sources of power for the apparatus were water wheels, and later on, steam engines. The advent of electric motors and subsequent networks for electric distribution in the late 1800s paved the way for today’s portable and stationary power tools.

Stationary power tools are widely used because these machines are not only fast, but also precise. To compare, fixed table saws cut faster than handsaws – with incisions that are straighter and smoother. Lathes create true spherical objects that cannot be made by other methods.

Today’s stationary power tools widely utilize electric motors. Handheld electric power tools operate on batteries or use electrical cords. At present, battery life, energy output capacity, and affordability keep corded power tools in the market. Nailguns and paint sprayers customarily use compressed-air power sources. Chainsaws and weed whackers (for the outdoors) have gasoline-powered engines. Some new power tools, called powder-actuated tools, work on explosive cartridges.

Some of the most important power tools are listed below:

* Air Compressors
* Band Saws
* Belt Sanders
* Biscuit Joiners
* Ceramic Tile Cutters
* Chainsaws
* Circular Saws
* Concrete Saws
* Crushers
* Diamond Blades
* Disc Sanders
* Floor Sanders
* Heat Guns
* Impact Guns
* Impact Wrenches
* Jigsaws
* Lathes
* Miter Saws
* Nailguns
* Needle Scalers
* Radial-arm Saws
* Random Orbital Sanders
* Rotary Tools
* Side Grinders
* Sabre Saws
* Sanders
* Scrollsaws
* Table Saws
* Thickness Planers
* Wood Routers
* Trimmers.