Tile Cutting Tools

When tiling floors or walls it is inevitable that at some point the tiles will have to be cut to go around door jambs, to fit in corners, to make special designs or to go around outlets, pipes, or fixtures depending on the area you are tiling; you will need some special tile cutting tools to ensure that you get a clean, straight cut without breaking the tile.

Tile cutting tools are tools that are used to cut tiles in a desired design, in to a desired shape; there are lots of different types of tile cutting tools both manual and powered, such as Snap Cutters, Glass Cutters Tile Nippers, and power tools with special blade attachments such as Angle Grinders and Wet Saws.

Sometimes persons who do not have specific tile cutting tools, or who only need to cut a small number of tiles will use a rotary cutter and a ruler to cut the tiles; they simply use the ruler to mark the area they wish to cut and then firmly run the rotary tool along the edge of the ruler once or twice to score the tile. After doing this, a pair of pliers or a hand can usually be used to break off the cut section.

Snap cutters are perhaps the most commonly used tile cutters as they are efficient and easy to use; a snap cutter holds the tile in place for you, while you score the tile with it. After scoring the tile, the snap cutter will snap the tile where it was cut, leaving you with a straight cut; glass cutters are sometimes used instead to score the tiles so that they can easily be snapped afterwards.

Tile nippers are a small pair of pincers that can be used to pinch of small pieces of the tile at a time; tile nippers are handy in areas of an unusual shape as you can pinch of sections of the tile to make it fit an area that may be rounded or curved. You can make a template of the shape of the area and trace it onto the tile to ensure a more accurate cut and then score the tile as close to the desired shape as possible, and then use the nippers to remove the excess.

Power tools such as angle grinders are sometimes fitted with a diamond blade for cutting harder grades of tile that smaller hand tools might not be able to manage; angle grinders are used for short or curved cuts, and can also be used for cutting holes through the tile.

Wet saws are special saws that are used with water to cool the diamond blade while the tile is being cut; wet saws can make both straight and curved cuts but often tile nippers will have to be used along with it to get a specific shape.

Remember hat any of these methods can break the tiles or you may find that you cut too much, so always have extra tiles on hand in the event that you need to start over.