Truck Toolboxes

Truck toolboxes are outsized toolboxes usually mounted in the back of a pickup truck. Manufacturers of these storage units offer a large range of models in different styles, shapes, and sizes; as well as colors and materials to satisfy the requirements of any truck owner.

Tradespeople have contributed to the marketability of truck toolboxes. Workers such as carpenters, electricians, ironworkers, plumbers, welders, and the like lug their tools everyday into their homes or the truck’s cab section. The advent of the truck toolbox allowed the owner to lock tools and supplies in the storage unit. This eliminated the need to bring his tools into the house every day while assuring that those items would be ready for use the next working day.

The crossover toolbox is the most popular truck toolbox style. This type of storage unit fits right behind the cab while sliding securely over the opposite panels of the truck bed. To prevent theft, this unit is usually bolted in place. The standard size is approximately 66 x 20 x 18 inches (or 167 x 51 x 46 centimeters), although sizes can vary depending on the vehicle model. A single or double lid (for ease of access) covers the crossover. Side toolboxes are also widespread. These storage units attach to the sides of the truck and supplement the crossover. Side storage often comes with drawers for the compartmentalization of supplies and tools.

These toolboxes are usually designed to withstand the elements. These sturdy units are manufactured in steel, reinforced aluminum, and heavy plastic. Other truck storage units include the trailer toolbox (placed in the truck’s rear) and the hitch box (attached using the hitch of the truck).