Women Tools

Women are becoming more and more independent and are matching up to men in every department you can think of. This also applies to challenging jobs like construction, farming or simple jobs like repairs around the home. Tools for women give them a greater self confidence and a feeling of importance knowing that they are being thought of. Women who do their own repairs at home and have their own special tools are encouraged to be self-sufficient, independent and to save money.


To get maximum performance from tools, they must be designed to fit the user. Women are not less than men, but their bodies are made up differently. They have less body strength, smaller stature, narrower shoulders, shorter legs and arms, and smaller grips. As a result, the tools used by men won’t work the same way for women. Safety is also a concern for women using general tools they can cause physical strains for women which can result in conditions like lower back pain. Most tools and equipment were designed for men and that is why companies are now manufacturing tools specifically for women. Women tools are designed to fit their bodies, having different grip and they are generally smaller. Women tool kits are commonly packaged in bags instead of boxes containing various amounts of tools. There are also female tool belts and power tools. The femininity of women tools is most times enhanced by color.


Tomboy Tools

Tomboy Tools was founded by three women who had a passion for do-it-yourself projects at home. The company was officially launched in 2009. Its mission is “To build confidence and empower women through education, quality tools and an independent business opportunity”. They produce high, quality tools that are suitable for women.

Barbara’s Way

Barbara’s Way was founded by Barbara K who worked as a contractor in New York. It aims to empower women in the home to be confident about taking on challenges. During her many assignments, she realized that most tools she came across were not suitable for women as they were somewhat intimidating to women who use them. The first line of tools was launched in 2003. The company has since broadened its line of tools to include all the essential tools that women would need to do repairs around the home.

Green Heron Tools

Green Heron tools came about after research was carried out to find agricultural equipment and tools that were suitable for women. The company is named after the Green Heron Bird. Coincidentally, a year after the company was launched, it was discovered that green herons are the only birds that use tools. The company manufactures agricultural tools and equipment specifically for women. Their tools are designed to fit the bodies of women.
Other manufacturers include GirlyLock, Ladies Tool Zone and Grip Tools.