Air Compressors

An Air Compressor is a device that is used to change electrical power or into kinetic energy. It does this by pressurizing and compressing air which is then released into big bursts. Air compressors also increases the amount of air in a given place which when packed, the pressure is released. These devices work in comparison to the lungs in a human body. Whenever we breathe in, the air pressure in the lungs is increased. This force that is created by the air built up in the lungs can be used to blow a balloon or blow out birthday candles. The released air from air compressors creates a strong force making it useful for all kinds of purposes. Some of the ways in which compressed air is used are:

  • To change the chemical composition of fertilizer during manufacturing.
  • To maintain industrial plants
  • Used in tools such as nail guns, staplers, sanders, spray guns and ratchet wrenches.
  • To move debris

There are two categories of air compressors – Positive Displacement or Dynamic. An air compressor is categorized by the purpose that it serves.

Positive Displacement

The positive displacement air compressors works by first filling the air chamber and then letting it out. Three common air compressors that fall into this category are reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary sliding vane.


The dynamic air compressors use a device that rotates to accelerate and decelerate air. It utilizes the speed of the air to build up the air’s pressure. One type of air compressor that falls into this category is the centrifugal air compressor.

Air compressors are also categorized by the number of stages that they have. A two-stage air compressor is capable of storing air for use in the future and it has an advantage over the single-stage types since it produces more air. These are suitable for heavy duty use since they offer a greater amount of compression than their single-stage counterparts.

When buying an air compressor, it is wise to purchase top quality devices from manufacturers who have a good reputation for the products that they supply and who have been in the business long enough to establish a wealth of experience, respect and loyal customers. Two notable manufacturers of air compressors are Industrial Air and Quincy. They are both makers of the finest air compressors available today. Many industries and even homeowners trust these brands for quality and reliability in their products.
Air compressor can be quite expensive. If you need one and you are unable to find the money for a brand new one, you may consider buying used air compressors. They generally function just as well as a new one considering it is in good working condition. The first thing you need to do is to check to make sure that the device has a CFM capacity of 25% or more. Find out from the owner if it is an oil-free or lubricated air compressor; the lubricated ones have to be serviced regularly. Be sure to collect the manual for your own reference.