Dremel 4000

The DREMEL 4000 is a potent, high performance multi-functional tool that is significantly more powerful and accurate/precise than its predecessor – DREMEL. Thanks to its electronic feedback feature, there is always maximum power available when work is becoming increasingly difficult. The DREMEL 4000 is suited to operate under varying circumstances all while giving the user/craftsman full control and mastery. The design of the DREMEL 4000 makes provision for a comfortable grip and increased control, as it is slim in built and ergonomically designed. This allows for great ease when working on projects. The DREMEL 4000 is approximately seven pounds (7lbs) in weight, thirteen inches (13.80”) in length, nine inches (9.70”) in width and three inches (3.80”) in height.


The DREMEL 4000’s built and its flexible handle allows the device to get into those hard to reach places as the shaft’s flexibility makes it adaptable. This feature also becomes useful when performing detailed tasks. The DREMEL 4000 also features a variable speed rotary which offers the freedom of maximum performance and versatility. The locking clips function also prevents craftsmen from accidentally locking the output shaft of the tool. These features are useful and essential for the most demanding craftsmen and projects. The variable speed rotary couples with the high performance motor to maximize performance at any and all selected speeds. The replaceable motor brushes also adds to the life of the tool and makes it more durable. The DREMEL 4000 is compatible and can be used with all existing DREMEL attachments and accessories. The quick collet lock allows for swift changing of the accessories. The DREMEL 4000 is durable and comes with a five year warranty. The DREMEL 4000 is easily accessible and readily available for purchase on sites such as mazon.com and the Home Depot online.


The DREMEL 4000 comes in various kits and may cost users anywhere from seventy-five US dollars (US$75.00) for used versions to one hundred and sixty US dollars (US$160.00) for brand new kits. Although a useful tool, persons may find the cost to be somewhat of a challenge in these trying economic times.

Although a brand new kit can be pricey, the DREMEL 4000 is a wonderful tool. With the DREMEL 4000 tool, experienced craftsmen can expect a light, easy to use and precise hand tool.