KD Tools

KD Tools is a maker of fine automotive and specialized hand tools. Starting back in 1918, KD Tools innovated the invention of the Valve Spring Lifter for the Ford Motel T and has continued this innovating spirit with the GearWrench, which is their line of high quality, durable ratcheting box wrenches.

KD Tools makes a variety of mechanics tools. However, they are all designed for special functions. Because of their highly focused approach, KD Tools is a favorite among mechanics around the world.

KD Tools is said to focus on manufacturing high quality tools to help one work more efficiently and effectively. They are derived from the finest materials and components and can be used in some of the harshest conditions. While products from KD Tools are made for everyday use, they are guaranteed for life. Check with KD Tools for specific warranty information.

KD Tools can be purchased online or through many retail shops throughout the US.