Repair Tools

In order to get any kind of repair job done, it is important to have the right tools on hand. Many times, the need arises for repairs to be done around the home, at work and also on vehicles. Having the necessary tools to work with will definitely make the process smoother and the job a whole lot easier. There are numerous tools to suit the many different purposes and needs when it comes to repairs. Here are some essential tools for repairs around the home and for vehicle repairs:


Measuring and Marking Tools

Every repair job that you will ever encounter will call for measuring and marking. Accurate measurement is important to get the repair done correctly. With these tools, there is no need for guessing; accuracy is right at your fingertips. Everything is done precisely as long as the correct measurements are taken. These tools include tape measures, squares and levels.


In order to cut wood, plastic and even metal, you need a saw to handle that job. There are different types of saws for different materials. The handsaw is popular among homeowners but it takes a little energy to apply force to the saw in order to cut anything. Power saws work more quickly and give a smoother cut.


Drills are essential for making holes in walls and wood. You can choose between a power drill and a hand drill. The hand drill is old-fashioned but the power drill is highly preferred as it works faster and requires less energy than the hand drill.


Hammers come in different sizes and types. Hammers are used to drive nails or other fasteners in other materials such as wood. They are also used to pull nails or fasteners from another material using the fork-shaped end.


You can take care of your car considering you have the right tools. That doesn’t mean you have to own every single piece of tool that your mechanic has. Here are some basic tools that will help you carry out repairs on your vehicle yourself:

Jack stands

These are strong steel stands that hold the car in place firmly without slipping once mounted correctly, while you work underneath. They come in hydraulic and manual versions.


These are used to loosen and tighten spark plugs and bolts that stand in the way when carrying out any form of repair.


These are essential for a lot of auto repairs. They are used to unscrew bolts as well as other parts of the car. There are several types of wrenches to fit different needs. Some are Socket wrenches, Oil Filter wrenches and torque wrenches.


When you need to free your hands for other tasks you can count on pliers to do the job. There are Needle Nose pliers and regular pliers but the Locking pliers can be used to hold anything you need them to hold in place until you return.
Other essential tools are Wire Cutters and Screwdrivers.