Snap on Tools

One of the most well-known and trusted brands in America is Snap-On Tools. Snap-On Tools focuses on the professional tool users and has built a solid reputation with millions of tool buyers since it was founded in 1920.

Perhaps one of their most well-known products includes interchangeable sockets and wrench handles – hence the name Snap-on. This new product innovation revolutionized the tool industry early on during its inception.

Apart from wrenches and sockets, Snap-On Tools are also well known for their line of power tools including air-powered tools, cordless power tools and corded power tools. Specific tools include drills, grinders, blow guns and ratchets. Snap-On Tools are also known specifically in the UK and Ireland for supplying a variety of diagnostic tools.

Brands from Snap-On Tools are available throughout many top tool shops across the US, including both Home Depot and Lowes. They can also be purchased from the internet. Snap-On Tools has built a reputation of high quality, high value tools and is one of the top selling tool companies in the world worth close to 2.5 billion US dollars. For professionals who require high quality tools along with hobbyists looking for pro-consumer items, Snap-On Tools deserves your attention.