Stihl Chainsaws

Stihl is regarded as one of the top manufacturers of chainsaws in the world due to its unmatched pedigree in chain saw production. Andreas Stihl produced the first chainsaw in 1926 but little did he know that it was the start of a company which would produce high quality tools and be rated among the top sellers in the world. The company is recognized for manufacturing tools that can withstand the harsh rigors of operating outdoors, and as a result the company has managed to maintain its reputation. Stihl has also expanded its line of products to include tools such as blowers, trimmers, and mowers for both residential and commercial use.
Stihl chainsaws have been rated number one in the world. Why?

They are reliable, durable and dependable

For over 80 years, Stihl still manages to be the trusted brand for a wide range of tools regardless of the stiff competition from other brands. Throughout the years, Stihl has been making saws that customers are satisfied with, that keeps them loyal to the brand and has also gained the company new customers. The company is constantly working to find new ways of improving its products to meet the changes of everyday tool needs.

There is a saw to suit every saw need

There is a wide variety of saws to select from based on what you want it to do. Here are the categories of saws that Stihl provides:

Occasional Use Chain Saws

These saws are made especially for homeowners who will require their use occasionally around the home. These are the simplest ones to use.

Mid-Range Chain Saws

These are made especially for jobs bigger than the jobs that would be encountered in a home. They are suitable for cutting firewood, cutting down trees and they usually have more features than the occasional use ones.

Professional Chain Saws

These saws come in different sizes – from small to heavy duty ones. They are perfect for land clearing, farming uses, logging and cutting down trees. They work well under rigorous conditions which makes them suitable for big cutting jobs.

Professional Chain Saws

These saws are specially designed for professional use only and should be operated by professionals. There are different types for different lines of work: Professional Chainsaws, Rescue Chainsaw, Rescue Saws, Fire and Rescue Chainsaw.

Electric Chainsaws

These are perfect for carpenters especially when more power is needed than a handsaw can provide, and for interior cutting needs by just plugging into an electrical outlet. If you do not want a gas powered saw, if you seek a saw for occasional use or even if it’s a saw to be used all the time then the electric saw is a good choice.

Excellent After Sales Service

It is easy to locate parts and accessories for Stihl products. The warranty on their products is also excellent. Stihl will repair or replace the product or any part of it that has been found defective during the warranty period.